Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

There are two ways to generate traffic to your website. One is through SEO or search engine optimization, which attracts organic traffic. The other one is through the paid option or PPC campaigns. PPC or pay-per-click campaigns let you create ad copies and bid for a chance to be included in the search result. When users search on Google, these ads show on top of the results, above the organic search results. It gives you more visibility, and with the right headlines and descriptions, you can entice users to click on your ad, thus also having a better chance of improving your conversion. You can improve the performance of your PPC using various means. Below are some actionable steps to do that.

Monitor your PPC campaigns

Creating your PPC campaigns and forgetting about them is a huge mistake. You will waste money with this behavior. Instead, you must monitor your campaigns to determine which ones are working and which ones are not. Continue those that reach your goal and deliver results, stop those that do not, or look for ways to improve them. If you keep paying for campaigns that do not give you conversions, you will lose in those areas. 

Change account settings

Many people do not adjust the settings to make the most out of their campaigns. Use these settings to your advantage to make your ads more effective and improve the performance of your PPC. One of these settings is locations. Click the “let me choose” option under locations, and look for the country or city you want to target. Making your campaign available to all countries and territories may be ineffective and irrelevant if your target audience is only for a specific location. Another setting that many do not pay attention to is devices. You will see which devices get more clicks and impressions, so you can choose to focus on them.

Integrate Google Analytics with Google Ads

Google Analytics is an effective tool in managing your campaigns for generating traffic to your website. It gives you valuable data, such as how long the users stayed on your site or each page, bounce rate, how visitors found your site, audience location, and the number of visits on your site. All of this information is helpful in your marketing as you can create campaigns that will target your audience better and improve the content and performance of your site to increase conversion rates. You can integrate Google Analytics with Google Ads, which will let you enhance your campaigns based on the data from the former. If unsure how to do that, a reliable agency specializing in PPC services can help you, as well as your general PPC campaign needs. 

Use different copies of headlines and descriptions

Create different copies of headlines and descriptions that will work together even when mixed and matched. Google ads will combine them and determine which works best. So, make sure that one headline will still be relevant if used with the other copy of the description. If they don’t make sense when put together, it could hurt the effectiveness of your campaign. 

Consider professional PPC services

While you can do some areas of the PPC campaigns yourself, you may also want to consider getting the help of the experts, especially if you’ve been running them for so long without getting positive results. Professional companies that specialize in PPC management services can help you in this area. They have the knowledge, experience, and tools to improve your PPC performance. It will also free up your time, so you can focus on other essential things that require your attention and expertise in running your business. You may need to pay for the service, but this is worth it since you can expect excellent performance with your PPC, giving you a higher ROI. 

Automate the process

Google offers an automated option for bidding on your ads. While you have more control over the manual process, the automation feature of Google significantly improved through the years, thus giving you better results. 

In conclusion

Create different copies of your PPC campaigns, adjust your settings through the data you gather and monitor their performance. You may also enlist the help of a professional to make your campaigns more effective and get better ROI.  

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